Monday, March 25

Feeling A Bit Gassy

Spring Break is now officially over, and it is back to our somewhat regular routine of things. Except it isn't quite the same today. I guess there is a gas leak at the Holiday Inn just down the street from us that has re-directed traffic all around the place. It has been going on since about 5am. The hovering helicopters making all the damn noise isn't helping any, I assure you. More irritating then the five seconds of video footage they will show on the news.

This week brings me to doing my voter registration penalty of having to possibly serve for Jury Duty. I am scheduled for Wednesday, and as the norm, will not know for sure if I need to go until Tuesday night. I last served about a year and a half ago or so. It seems to me that I have been selected to appear at least 9 times in the past 23 years. Of those 9, I have only served on a jury once, for a criminal charge of burglary, which we found the defendants guilty. Though I have the time to serve since I am not working, I would still prefer to not have to attend the whole event. I dread the drive to and from downtown Phoenix. At least parking is free for jurors though. I have my Kindle, and they have wifi available, so it may not be too bad.

As yet another helicopter arrives to make noise, I got to thinking I hope the Reverend Mother didn't get too caught in the traffic snafu this morning. She would normally drive by the area where the gas leak is, and get on the freeway on her way to work. Maybe she was detoured just a few minutes out of her regular route, and still made it to work on time.

Welp, I am off to fix something for breakfast.


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Rev Mom said...

Actually, I take 31st Av down to Peoria and jump on the freeway there. Saw the helicopter, but missed the traffic. That explains why the traffic was light on the freeway in that area!