Thursday, March 14

More Changes Coming ...

It looks like my early morning blogging is coming to a close for a bit. I turned in the app yesterday, did the required phone call, and within a couple hours was called back to set up for an interview today. I was asked to bring my ID and SS card/birth cert. as well, so it sounds like they are ready to hire me already. I am still holding out on the completed thought of working there until I have a few questions answered this afternoon at the interview. Either way, with the start hour being at 6:30 am, the morning blog posts are going to disappear. I expect them to be moved to afternoon or evening, where you will be able to read the rants about how snobby Ms. Pritchard sounded as she gave me a riot act on the phone, then pledged $5,000 to the cause.

For a Thursday, that is about all that is happening.


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