Monday, March 18

Last Sane Post ....

This may be the last sane post I am able to get put up here today, as only one of the boys is awake at this hour. Doesn't sound terrible right? Wrong. It is Spring Break this week, and all three boys are out of school. Granted, in some ways it makes things easier, as far as planning where they will be, etc, but the sibling bickering and fighting drives me up the wall. I know, someday I will wish I had all three of them back home again, after their grown and gone out into the world. Well, they say that, but I have not had a chance to believe it yet.

I turned down the job. After thinking about it for a couple days, it felt more and more that it would be cold-calling people, and that is something I just won't do. I suppose if it was the difference between eating or not, or living on the street or not, I would do it, but I still have a bit of time before we are that drastically affected. If I have the chance, I may be picking up some applications this week (if I dare take the boys in public) and have the time to complete them, then return them the next week, asking for face-to-face interviews. I have given up on the 'computer application process' as being a complete waste of my time.

One of the guys I know from the bar I go to, owns a racing horse. An honest to goodness horse that does the races like we see on the OTB televisions, etc. She has raced a few times, losing me money ore often than not. The horse was racing yesterday afternoon, and 5 of us guys each put in $20. So we had a bet for $40 Win, $30 Place, and $30 Show. The horse Won.... we ended up with $407 dollars before splitting it the five ways. My share was $80, so I took the family out to the Chinese buffet for supper. We love this place. It is called Hibachi Grill. Last night I tried the sushi they had. I think they had like six different dishes there, and I tried one piece from two of them. Unfortunately, they do not have the signs saying what every dish is, so no idea what I liked (the first one) and didn't like (the second). But I did see frog legs there (not in the sushi area) and had a couple of them, trying to encourage the kids to try them as well - with no luck. Oh well, their loss.

Anyway, I guess that is all I have today. Maybe more posts later if I survive (and not go to prison for murder).


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