Tuesday, March 19

It's A King-Sized Something

I grounded the two younger boys. Or rather, I will be once they both are awake this morning.

The bed the Wife and I share is a California King. I think the only difference between that and a regular King is ours is a bit bigger, just enough we have to buy harder to find, and more expensive sheets. We had not bought it, but was a hand me down from the In-Laws. Either way, the two younger boys have very recently started a new bad habit of getting up in the middle of the night, and sneaking into our bed. In a normal sense, that wouldn't be a totally terrible thing, except for two reasons: one, they wake me up half the time crawling over me to get to the other side where Mom is, and two, they are 10 and 7 years old, and a little old to be doing this stuff. They had been warned about a week or so ago, that each time I find out they were sneaking into our bed, they would be grounded from the computer for the day. Usually that is not a problem as after school, between supper and bedtime, there isn't much time to spend on it anyways. This is Spring Break though. Yesterday, I went ahead and let them play on the computer, though they were warned, if it happened again, I was going to stick to the plan. The 10 year old is out in the family room, sulking already because I told him I hoped there were cartoons on, as he was not getting computer time at all today. The 7 year old is still asleep... on my bed.

I am hoping that their desire to play games on the computer will out weigh whatever the need they have to climb into my bed at night. The older one says it is because he wakes up and is scared (of what, he won't say, so it must just be of the dark - even though they have a night light on). The younger seems to wake up shortly after he older one, sees his brother is gone, and comes in, too. Now I have to listen to them whine,fight, cry and whatever else even more today, because I am not using the computer to separate them at least for a bit. Who wins today? Sigh


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