Tuesday, March 5

Just a Follow Up

This morning, as I was preparing the two younger boys for school, I called the Wife. She had spent the night at the hospital with family, the Daughter, and the oldest son, in the even that FIL passed away. This morning's update, as of an hour ago, is that he is still hanging on.

The Wife has four older brothers, and two live close enough that they were able to be here yesterday for the family decision. Both were there till with their families when I brought the two younger sons home last night. Another brother is driving in from Florida, since it would be a minimum of 32 hours to get here for a flight (from where he is at I guess). This morning, the last update I heard was he was in Texas somewhere, so he is over halfway total distance, though I am sure he is very tired.

The Wife mentioned on this morning's communique that she felt FIL was holding on, knowing that the one son was driving here as fast as possible to see him before he passes. I blow it off to wishful thinking, but what do I know about death and all? I only feel bad that the other son is not able to make arrangements to be here, all due to things beyond his control at the moment.

So, basically, I feel I am sitting in limbo. I told the Wife if she needed me to call. I am spending the morning here at home. I don't handle hospitals well... some mental carry-over from all the days spent there when my Dad was sick with cancer, and other things. Obviously this has brought up many memories I don't care to re-hash.

Not a great thing, but I wish I had some booze around right now....


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