Tuesday, March 26

Losing Things

This morning I did a regular trip to the gym after dropping the oldest son off at school. I needed to get in for the weekly weigh-in, as tomorrow could be a bit hectic. I dropped three pounds since last week, which brings me back to the lowest I have been (again) that matched two weeks ago. I am only four pounds away from the goal I had set for my self for last year. Four pounds, four months late. Sigh. The good side of it, is that at least a goal is being made, and it is a healthy one for all involved. Except all the companies that make the food that I don't eat as much of.... a whole other category in itself.

I mention that tomorrow may be hectic as the possibility of Jury Duty looms over me. I just don't like having to go. Tonight I will find out if I will need to attend via the recorded message I am to call after 5pm. Bah! I just don't want to do this.

One of the Wife's four older brothers supposedly arrived in town last night from Ohio. This was the one that could not make it out here when FIL was in the hospital/hospice. This one won't be staying for the memorial services scheduled for he 6th, either. Due to issues I won't go into here, he is only allowed so much time to come here and visit, but yet he couldn't schedule it for the time that services would have been held. Thus he avoids most of everyone that would be wanting to see him. Personally, I think he could fuck off and shouldn't have came out here at all. I get along with all my BIL's fine, but this one. It's been that way for 22 years, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. The Wife was telling me how long they are here for, and the 2 BILs that live in-state will be in town to see them. I told her I guess I got other things to do.... like Jury Duty and pool league.

Speaking of pool league... I need to win some games this week. I play on a 5-man team, where each of us play three games. I haven't won a game in two weeks. Though they have been close, the win just has not come in my favor. Tired of losing. Need to step my game up, if it is possible to do that.

Leaving the gym this morning, I gave Preacher Tom a call. We have not scheduled a breakfast for a couple weeks, and I was feeling hungry (plus I lost those three pounds) and offered to meet up. Unfortunately, he had some other things planned that needed to be done. I guess we will see about later this week. I was so looking forward to an ultimate omelette from Denny's, too. Oh well. Guess I will just have a granola bar here at home instead.  Cheaper and probably better for me.


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