Monday, March 4

How Much Longer...?

Last Thursday morning I got a call from the MIL about getting the FIL to an emergency Doctor's appointment. She said his breathing was becoming a bit labored, and wanted to have it all checked out. So I spent the greater part of the morning lifting FIL from bed to chair, to car, to chair, etc, etc. And sitting int he doctor's office...waiting. He ended up being diagnosed with mild pneumonia, and they sent him home with a prescription for something for it. I am sure it was some sort of antibiotics.

Friday night, whilst at home the Wife gets a call from the MIL, that FIL's breathing has gotten worse (again) and so the two of them take him to the ER. As typical for emergency room service, unless you are bleeding out, they spent most of the night getting him looked at. He was admitted. Saturday, the Wife spent the day with her mom at the hospital, where it looked like the FIL was getting better. Sunday came, and I spent the morning with friends, the Wife was going to swing by the hospital after church, and see how things were going. I guess they got worse. Throughout the afternoon and evening, the boys and I worked around the house: cleaning, removing one large bush from the front yard, and misc grass clipping.

The Wife made it home about 3 am. I had been waking almost every 30 minutes since about 10:30pm when I went to bed, as I was waiting to see when she would come home. One of the BIL and his family have come to town with the FIL being in the hospital, and the Daughter came up from Tucson as well. Needless to say this morning I am the one getting the kids up and ready and to school (something that is not my norm).

No clue if FIL is going to pull through this. As of last night the breathing was labored. They were waiting forever for a pulmonologist to come by last night, but he never showed. I guess I will find out more later, as the Wife has today off work to return to the hospital.


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