Monday, October 8

Another Holiday I Get to Work On

I would say probably a good half of you readers out there are working today. Unfortunately, I am one of the working ones. I personally don't agree with the government and banking industry having Columbus Day off. Just makes no sense in my way of thinking. The school district we reside in feels the same way, as my kids still had to attend school today. But I noticed on my way to work, other schools were closed. Go figure.

So here it is a bit past the noon hour, and I am practically bored. Many of the contacts I need are off today, being in the finance business. Banks are closed. Half the office here didn't show up - I wonder if they knew they were supposed to be here. I am sure I will hear it tomorrow if they messed up.

Overall, the weekend was very decent. I am finishing up getting my car running tonight. I only have to cut the positive line and get the battery replaced. I bought a universal side post mount to splice the line back in. I went to three car shops to get the damn $3 part Saturday, and wasted the available free time I had to finish it. Now it will take about another 45 minutes counting travel time to the store and back for the battery.

Saturday night I was able to spend some time playing poker with several of my friends. I didn't place, in fact, I was out pretty early. But it was nice to visit a bit and relax, have some drinks and food. Better than just going to the bar and drinking the whole time. Sunday I was able to watch my Redskins win, and the Nascar race (where unofficially, I won third place and some money). And let's not leave out the hometown team, the Diamondbacks, who have swept the Cubbies in the first NLDS. Sorry HB! The bad thing, is last night a couple hours within me arriving home, someone busted out the back window to the minivan. Nothing was stolen, but the wife has to call and get some place to come to her work to replace it. I have no idea how much that is going to run.

Well alrighty then. I guess I ain't got much to say about anything at this time. I have about 5 more hours until the Wife picks me up (unless she is able to get off early, hmmmm). Y'all have a good one and see ya again laters.


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