Monday, October 22

Approaching the big 10K mark

It seems like it has taken quite a bit of time, but now it is rapidly approaching. As of this post, I am only 102 hits away from that big first 5 digit number of 10, 000. That is starting from 10/28/06 when I first put the counter back on my LiveJournal account, before moving here.

Thanks to the you readers, visitors, friends, family, and those that Google things like "granny amputee porno sex, boobies, and many other phrases I shouldn't use in public.

I don't know if I will give anything away to the person that hits 10K, but I might. I just hope they comment when they hit it, so I will know who it is. That in itself might determine a prize.

So good luck to the person that does it, and many thanks again for getting me to that mark. I feel so special.


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