Monday, October 15

This is going to be a weird week ...

I woke up this morning feeling ready for work. Actually anticipating getting into the office and starting right into the work I need to do today. Here it is early afternoon, and I still have this desire to get stuff done. Only there isn't much at the moment because I caught everything up. Now it is sit and wait for responses and new stuff to come in.

I must be sick, or dreaming, to feel this way about work - on a Monday of all days. But I cannot tell any obvious signs : no fever, no sicky feelings, pretty much bright eyed and bushy tailed. Somebody must have slipped some kind of mind altering drug into a drink or food over the weekend. I bet it was the Wife's meatloaf last night. After all, she called and asked me what I wanted, and it was ready pretty damn quick. Hmmmm, I'll keep her on the list of suspects.

Maybe it was amount of actual good sleep I got last night. I fell asleep on the couch watching TV for a couple hours, then after supper went to bed early (9'ish). The daughter does not have early band practice this whole week, so no need to get up early, then go back to bed. I don't know. I just think it is weird to look forward to going in to work - even though I really like my job. Now *that's* weird.

More weird. I walked into the office like normal today, and realize about 2/3 of the cubicles have been taken down and removed. I walked fast to my office, and everything was still there. We are now using maybe 1/3 the office space, and 4 offices, plus the break room. I know we are changing locations, but the branch owners have not told anyone as to when. It will only be about 5 miles from where we are now, so not much longer of a commute for me (thank goodness!). I remember when I first started with these guys, it was downtown Phoenix so 35 minutes in the morning, and 45-60 on the way home, at 6pm. Right now it is about 10 minutes both ways, freeway, against the traffic. Much nicer.

For all my softball team members, this is for you. I'M SORRY ALREADY!!! Sunday morning we played in our bar league. I am the scorekeeper for our team generally, and I messed up the game for us. I had forgotten to mark a run we scored in an early inning, so a couple innings later, when asked the score, I showed it as a tie (we were actually one up). Once it was pointed out to me about the run I miscounted, due to play continuing at that point, we had to go with the tie score. The end of the game came up a tie (time limit was up) when in all counts it should have been a 10-9 victory for us. So again, I am sorry, and if y'all want to replace me, feel free.

So after starting my day with that big error, I went on down to the pub to hopefully watch my Redskins win. Green Bay took that joy out of my day. But Dallas lost! Now if the Giants will lose tonight to Atlanta, I'll be a little bit happier. The pub I usually hang out at is having a HUGE 'Tail Gate Party' next Sunday for the Cardinals @ Redskins game. I am sure there is going to be a lot of insults thrown around, and food to eat. I know I plan on being there in my Art Monk Jersey to support my team.

One of the blogs I read quite often, is Neanderpundit ran by Og. Over the past weeks/months he has spoken about the diets and surgeries that he has gone through. Some posts are a bit grosser than others (which is funny) but tells quite a bit about some drastic dieting/food changes. My boss last Friday was mentioning to me about this new program his doctor is running, paired up with an owner of a Gold's Gym here in Phoenix. They have put together a dietary/exercise program especially designed for those that are 60+ pounds overweight. It is a 12 week program, and is billed to your insurance. There is supposed to be a meeting within the next couple of weeks, and I will be attending. I wouldn't mind losing 40+ pounds, and getting into a better eating/exercise lifestyle. It will be interesting for sure.

Okay, enough about my weekend and stuff. Anyone else do anything fun? Let me know, the comments around here seemed to have dried up.


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