Tuesday, October 23

Mission Accomplished - 10K has been reached!

WooHoo! Okay, now I am just calming down from such a landmark event (for little ol' me anyways). The only bad part is I have no clue as to who it was. If I could figure out how to copy the details on the screen and put them here I would, but I can't figure it out. Here's the basics:

Brighton, East Sussex, UK
ISP = Mistral Internet
They stayed for 0 minutes
referred over here by Google, using the search term "pictures of men holding ladies boobies"

So much for that little game. And here I was still thinking about awarding a prize, but I guess that won't be necessary now. I do owe a few shout-outs ....

To GuyK over at Charming, Just Charming - this gent threw up a link for me and encouraged many to show up, and they did! Over half the needed final clicks to get to the goal came from his site. Hats off to you GuyK!

Many others of you helped me along as well, and since you commented, I'll throw you some linky-love as well.

Freddie over at Warts 'n All - check her place out. She writes some damn good stuff, even when she is really pissed off about something. I like her stories about growing up.

AWTM has her place at ArmyWifeToddlerMom, and I love her writing about her two young'uns, and good luck to her on them there CEU's or what not they is called.

Mushy is a new one to me, but he gave a good try at being the lucky winner. I stopped over there for a bit this morning, and I think this one will be joining my reads. I was just now trying to get the link to work, but my damn server is prolly screwing me out of it for the time being.

VW Bug over at One Happy Dog Speaks has got a nice site as well. Couple of kids that sure are cute, and looked like they enjoyed Disneyworld pretty much.

Wm H at Amazing Facts - thanks for dropping by! I enjoy my visits to your place on a daily basis pretty much.

I think I pretty much got everyone that commented - and for those of you that didn't, well shame on you! But I'll still throw ya one of my big comfy hugs iffen ya want one!

Okay, now we need to set a new goal to meet. More pics? More content? A better life? Hmmm, I dunno. Maybe more of all that stuff will happen. Stick around, find out!

Thanks again to all you readers!


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