Friday, October 19

What do you expect from me today?

More drivel? Maybe an exciting post about something that happened? Possibly another short story? Or how about some jokes or pictures? This is going to be like you opening a new book not knowing what it is going to be like, well, for those of you that read that is. And I'll let you decide how to describe it. I for one, am quite sure it is just some meanderings.

The Daughter got her learner's permit yesterday. The Wife took half day and took her down to the MVD, and within 30 minutes she had it in hand. Tests have changed from when I took mine 20 years ago. We had the paper test with 20 questions on it. You could only miss 4 or you failed. Daughter was in bed when I got home, so I didn't find out how many she missed, but the Wife told me it is all on a computer now. It asks a question, you select your answer, and it tells you if you are correct or not, then explains the correct answer if you get it wrong. I am still curious how many she missed. OR how many were asked for that matter.

The office is getting emptier. It now echoes when we talk in the main area. There was a pickup today from some place similar to Goodwill for businesses. That emptied out a lot that we were not taking, plus gives the bosses a tax credit. I still have no idea when I am to pack up. Maybe I will luck out and they will do it this weekend, and then I just show up at the new office on Monday - if I knew where it is. I know vaguely where it is located, but not the address or exact instructions how to get there. That day will be interesting.

Tonight is my meeting for the dietary program. I kinda feel like it is going to those counseling classes they make you do for DUI, only you are probably going to share more because it is about your health habits, weight, etc. Another reason why I don't care to see my PCP that often. But I got to do this, if not for me, for the kids. The things I do for them....

I have been put in charge of the Beer Schedule for our softball team for the season. I suppose I should start working on that this weekend. We still have several weeks (we play through February I think) and I have to be sure everyone knows when it is their turn. I just got to figure out who usually is drinking, and who doesn't. Shouldn't have to buy if you never drink it. Maybe if I do this well, they will let me continue being score keeper, even after last week's error. What do ya say guys?

Okay, I think I am through giving you content to waste part of your workday on. Lord knows I have wasted enough of today going through my bloglist. You all have a good weekend.


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