Tuesday, October 16

Other people's children ...

That is a phrase I have picked up from somewhere. I don't recall my parents saying it, so I don't know where I heard it from before. But Every now and then, I find myself shaking my head and muttering that under my breath. Reminds me how much I dislike Stupid People. Posters for birth control. How to stagnate a gene pool. ::sigh::

Day two of this week, and everything still feels weird. I have an employee leaving for a weeks vacation to the Islands (Hawaii). I have gotten no less than 20 emails and phone calls from him - in the office - reminding where we are at on every one of his deals. AND, he expects me to keep him up to date on everything while he is gone. With a few hours difference between here and HI, I am sure I am going to do that.

The office appears emptier each morning I walk in. I was informed yesterday evening we will be moving in about 2 weeks. I wonder how many more LO's we'll lose in the move.... Just when things were getting good, everything slows down.

Hmm. Someone just me some work to do. Think I will visit the crapper and then get these done prior to leaving for the day.


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