Thursday, October 11

It's That Time of Day again ...

The time of day where I have come to a slow spot. Hurry and wait time, I tend to call it. So, I figured I could waste some time, boring you readers with drivel.

So I am down at the pub last night, waiting for karaoke to start to get those songs outta my head, and of course the obvious happens. They don't have either song in the book. Instead I sang different songs by those two artists, and it worked. The songs quit playing in my head. Well, it was either that, or the drinks that did it. All I got to say is mission accomplished!

Tonight is going to be a semi-quiet one. After work I am headed home to try and finish watching season one of "Deadwood". Friends had mentioned it is really good, but I seem to be having a hard time getting into the story. Maybe this last disc of the season will hold the really interesting part of the story. If not, well, I got "The Last Mimzy" at home as well.

I seem to be all caught up on my book reading. In fact, last night I had to hunt through several, and came across one I have not finished yet - "Shadowplay" by Tad Williams. I figure I have enough left in that one to last until my last book order comes in with "The Good Guy" by Dean Koontz. That, or I will have to make a trip to the store.

Well, I am sure several bloggers are on their way to Helen, GA for the meet-up. Wish I could have had the time to take off from work, and the money to fly in to the party. Lord knows I could use a bash like this about now. Instead I will have to wait for the Annual Men's Trip to Mexico that we are planning for February. Y'all that are traveling, hope you have no troubles. Toss back a drink for me.


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