Thursday, October 18

I swear it is a desert!

Arizona has its desert areas all around the state. Not so much like the Sahara, or Gobi, but arid wasteland where only scrubby bushes and cacti can grow. Hot during the day, cool at night; little rainfall except when it comes down, it floods away. But most of all, it is bleak and deserted. Kind of like looking out my office door.

Yet more of the office has disappeared today. LO's are in make-shift desks until our actual move date, which the owners won't clarify. They feel it will make production go awry due to everyone concentrating on when we move, instead of work until we move. I guess it sort of makes since, if you think about it. Myself, I am the only one left that has not packed anything up, or moved anything. In fact, today I was told I am to be the last one moved. That way I can still close loans whilst everyone is helping move, or whatever. I figure with tomorrow being Friday, half the staff probably won't show up - and the ones that do, will leave by 2:30 or 3pm. Bastids!

Tomorrow night is my meeting for this dietary/exercise regime I am going to start. For some reason I am a bit nervous. I mean, I have to give up drinking to do this. Smoking too, but I don't smoke near as much as I used too. That won't be too hard. My buddy Jan was telling me the other night that I am just going to kill myself to just stop drinking. Maybe that's why I am nervous - NOT!!

The daughter has finally asked us to get her into the MVD to get her permit. I don't know if we will be able to do it this week. Today she needs to finish up a report that was assigned over her fall break. Tomorrow she has band practice in the afternoon, followed by a home game she has to perform at. Doesn't make sense to schedule a game when school is out .... Then Saturday, the band has competition at ASU Band Day. That puts it back into the weekdays, when she is in school and we are at work. Maybe next weekend she can get it ...

I think I will go out and play some Texas Hold'em tonight. The company that comes to my regular pub on Tuesdays has one tonight at a place called the Steelhorse Saloon. Yeah, yer right. It's a "biker bar" so to speak. Ought to be interesting. When I played on a pool league a few years back, this bar had like 3 or 4 teams in, and it was fun, so I am sure this will be as well.

Welp, reckon I oughtta move on along now. Y'all come on back now sometime, ya hear?


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