Tuesday, October 2

Ever feel like an ostrich?

I have been trying to hide most of this morning. I even shut the door to my office, but for some reason it is not working. It is meant to deter anyone from bothering me unnecessarily. But they wave at me from the window and I ignore them. So then the knocking starts, and I ignore it. Then they just open the door, say something like, "Sorry to bother you but this is for such-n-such file. Are we going to docs?" I glare at them. I put on my best scowl (which evidently needs work), and say "Leave me alone. I am working on things that actually have meaning." Then I turn away and ignore them again.

So far, it has gotten me 3 threats of 'going to the boss', 2 phone calls from the boss, and 1 "fuck you". I guess that last one, his stuff ain't getting touched today. Maybe not tomorrow either. SOB.

Yeah, you guessed it. Life ain't wonderful about now. My two youngest boys are getting over some viral infection (per the MD) and the youngest still has a temp running just under 100. Last night, the Wife started not feeling good, and she actually is worse this morning and not going to work. I didn't bother messing with my POS car last night. When Dad looked at it yesterday, he couldn't get the damn battery post to loosen either. I am about ready to just rip the shit out of it, and hope for the best. I guess I need to do that tonight. Another night wasted.

It's going on 1pm, and I am ready to just leave the office for the day. I started this post over 2 hours ago, and nothing good has happened since then. It's just seeming gotten worse. I swear, loan officers are the world's best rapers for money. If I have 0.0005% of a point under the max levels, they want it. It might equal a whole quarter of a cent, but they want it. Thank some higher power I know this business and won't ever get suckered on a mortgage deal again.

Okay, I am out of here. Enough whining and bitching for you to just bring you down to my level. Think happy thoughts. I got some whiskey at home, maybe enough for 2 glasses once I get out of here..... yeah.. happy thought.


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