Friday, October 12

It's Starting to Feel Like Fall

The boys have been on 'Fall Break' all this week, and it hasn't been too terrible. Usually there is normal sibling bickering and fighting, but I haven't had to beat any butts. Which is nice. This morning the oldest has band practice, and as we walked outside to leave, I noticed that it was actually cooler outside than inside. It's enough to make one think that the weather here in the Valley has begun to cool down. The radio weather update even said it may be in the mid 80's this weekend. Fall must be arriving.... finally.

The Wife had yesterday off work so she could go with the MIL to take the FIL to his neuro doctor appointment. She goes when she can to help speak with the doc about symptoms, etc that Dad is having, and being in the medical field herself, is able to ask more specific questions about thing than the MIL. Seems FIL doesn't just have Parkinson's. In fact, I learned that there are several different types of Parkinson's, and even some "diseases" that aren't Parkinson's, but display the same effects/symptoms of it. From my understanding, it sounds like Dad has some sort of Parkinson's Plus (and a few other terms) which means it is worse than just plain old Parkinson's. The negative of it, is prognosis gives a lower span of years to love with it. Parkinson's patients will on the average, have a 20+ year span where the disease will steadily progress, but the patient can generally continue regular activities (as their body permits). This Plus version, shortens the life span down to about 10 years, and has advanced onset of symptoms, leaving the patient less able to do anything. In Dad's case, I think it has been about 3 years since he was diagnosed, and there isn't much he is able to do. Communication is pretty much gone (no speech or writing ability). Mobility is pretty much gone, though he can 'shuffle' between rooms with a walker, and someone there to make sure he doesn't fall. Anything further requires a wheelchair. Most days that I sit with him, he pretty much lays on the couch, sleeping, or staring off into the distance. The staring is one of the side effects. It gets pretty depressing, and I try my best to console the Wife, but anyone can see the hardship Parkinson's is putting on her, and moreso on the MIL.

The Wife's best friend's Mom gave a nice gift yesterday. Recently, her husband had passed away. He had some medical issues (I am not sure exactly what) but used some home furniture items that assists people with some mobility issues. The Mom gave the MIL one of those easy chairs that has the lift to assist in getting in/out of the chair. Yesterday, the Wife and I picked it up, took it to the MIL's and set it up. It will much easier now in getting Dad up/down. A big thanks goes out to her for giving it to the In-laws.

A couple of my friends are getting married tomorrow. They have been together for a few years (that's saying it lightly) and are just pretty much legalizing the paperwork process. I am happy to know that we are going to the wedding to celebrate with them. Plus, it's always nice to get together with friends to visit and do some catch up with some we haven't seen for awhile. They are doing a Hawaiian theme, so everything is pretty casual, and they encourage to dress for it. I found a shirt I think that will work fine. And I get to wear shorts instead of some suit & tie!

Still thinking on the changes that will be happening around here on the ol' blog. Joe has come up with a suggestion for the domain name (which doesn't have to match the blog name) and I pretty much agree with it. More than likely it is what I will go with, so that leaves only to figure some catchy, or descriptive, title for the blog. I am still open for suggestions....  With the changes to the blog, it will be time to update the blogroll on the side panel. I was going through them the other day, and realize that there are several now that seem to have gone away. I may remove them, or at a minimum, make it so they are inactive.

So, no major plans today. I may just mellow out and go through and do some clean-up on my ebook library. The son will need to be picked up around noon, then returned to school about 5'ish. I may even go have a beer after that. I don't know. Good part is, it's Friday!


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